Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Science Roadshow Sparks

Yesterday room 12 went to the science roadshow at Rotorua Intermediate. My favourite activity was the bed of nails, when I was lying on the bed of nails it felt like a massage on my back.  The reason the nails don’t dagger into your back is because there's so many nails that it can hold you body weight & not hurt, that’s why if you touch a nail it’s sharp.
By Connor

The nails pricked my skin as I lay on the bed of nails.It burnt like fire on my back.Filled with nerves the first time I did it , as soon as I did it my nerves eased . But the question is how come you can do it and it does not hurt? Because on nail will but a bunch won’t it spreads your weight.
By Jack


  1. This looks like lots of fun as well as lots of scientific learning
    Mrs Peterson

  2. The science was amazing! At the time I was so thirsty then they started to toke about water. But I learnt some new staff like how when ice malted in the hot water but it didn't rice.

  3. The science Roadshow was really fun! My favorite display was the plasma ball. First the people running the show did a water show that was all about water and climate change and global warming.
    Then we got to go and do experiments. Some people won 3D bunny rabbits! The last show they did was called 'Arks, sparks and gherkins' and that was all about electricity. Then we hoped on the bus to school.

  4. I loved the road show it was fun and cool we had so mach fun.