Wednesday, 5 August 2015

How to be a champion in school and in life

Yesterday we met NED and Kristy. Who taught us how to be a champion in life and school. Kristy went over to NED's house to pick him up and take him to our school. NED didn't want to come instead he went to walk his dog.

Suddenly out of nowhere came a big green spaceship then out of that came little ugly green aliens. The aliens started chasing NED.

So NED jumped on a jet and flew around the world. NED landed in Paris, France. He went up the eiffel tower and saw that there was a restaurant. He ordered his favourite thing in the whole wide world: spaghetti. NED was so hungry that he ate it instantly.

Suddenly the aliens appeared and started chasing him. The aliens caught him and took him to their spaceship. They were going to  blast him off into outer space but then NED told them that he was sorry for not going with Kristy, so the aliens blasted him to Rotorua.
By Jamie

Kirsty taught us amazing yoyo tricks such as the AWESOME Eiffel Tower, the slurping meat balls, the police star and many more wonderful tricks. Then she told us the yoyo rules, they are never swing a yoyo around other people, never play with a yoyo in a non yoyo zone.

To be a champion in life you have to: Never give up, Encourage others and, Do your best. And you might go far in life.

By Isobel

If  I had to tell someone how to be a champion I would say, "Be yourself and always try your best." 
By Cullen

If I were up there with all those kids watching me I would say: "Follow your dreams, don't let any one stop them, it's okay if your not good at something like maths you will improve over time, so don't let any one squash your dreams."
By Carys

What advice would you give someone who wants to be a champion?


  1. The NED show was really fun. The lady there taught us some really cool yo-yo tricks and taught us the importance of not giving up! NED is actually an acronym for: Never give up Encourage others Do your best! The show was funny as well.

  2. The NED show was awesome! NED stands for Never give up Encourage others and Do your best. Try your best and you might get far in life. Winners never quit and quitters never win.

  3. I thought the NED show was really funny and my favorite part was when kirsty. If I was to give
    someone advice on how to be a champion I would say to try your best because you will never get good at something if you always give.Also believe in your self because if you don't believe that you can do something then you think it's impossible.

  4. I think the NED show was extraordinary.It was so cool the yo-yo tricks.
    My advice would listen to your teacher and read lots!

  5. The Ned show was amazing there was amazing yo yo tricks called
    Around the world ,UFO, and the Roller Coaster. it would better if there was more prizes to win. we learnt a amazing message that is Never give up Encourage and Do your best. Something might be impossible to archive but remember to try your best every athlete would off not be good on there sport and believe on your self.

  6. I thought the NED show was awesome there was so many cool tricks

  7. The NED show was #AWESOME we learned so much about Never giving up Encouraging others and Doing your best the yo-yos are pretty cool and I like Cullen's message it was very good.

  8. The NED show was cool because so told us story's and used yoyos to make it funnier.The NED show thought us how to be a champion in school and life.

  9. I really liked the NED show. I learnt heaps about never giving up encouraging others and doing your best. I also liked how Kristey used yoyos to teach us.If I could give some advice I would say "If you are not making someones life better you are wasting you time."

  10. I thought the NED show was really cool. Kristy taught us how to be a champion in school and life and how to never give up and encourage others and do your best.

  11. We are very lucky to have the NED show come here to Otonga school. Kristy was very amazing doing all those tricks. The NED message was very nice it has taught us so much.

  12. It was a privilege to have the NED show come to our School. The Ned message was inspiring. It made me work hard in School and also Play Hard.

  13. I am glad you enjoyed the Ned show
    I did as-well
    Keep up the good attitude


  14. I agree with Cullen if I wanted to be a champion I would be myself.

  15. i like the Ned because it show's you how to be a champion in school and in life. I learnt a lot about how to be a champion.

  16. The Ned show was amazing Kristy was very amazing doing all those trickc