Thursday, 24 September 2015

Maori Feelings

In room 12 we have been learning some feelings in Maori. It has been great. We have learnt some basic sentences and have recorded ourselves to help us remember and to help teach others!

Friday, 18 September 2015

Student Blogging Challenge 2015

Twice a year Edublogs runs an international student blogging challenge. Every week for 10 weeks you will be given a blogging task to do. The aim is to develop your blogging and commenting skills. You will connect with students around the world and gain an international audience for your blog.

Room 12 will be entering as a class with our class blog. However you may also enter on your own using your school blog. You will need permission from your teacher and COMMITMENT to complete all the tasks in the challenge. Students in Room 12 taking up the individual challenges will have no extra homework (except for daily reading) and get extra class computer blogging time.

If you are interested in taking part in the student challenge leave a comment below; include your blog url, why you want to enter and give a promise of commitment to complete all 10 tasks.

Monday, 14 September 2015

The Most Inspiring Teacher Award

The most inspiring teacher competition run by The Warehouse Stationery is a competition to find the most in inspiring teachers in New Zealand. This award is to show who is the most inspiring teacher for that year. Children can nominate and vote for any teacher of their choice for the most inspiring teacher award of the year, how cool is that!

Mr Wood was nominated by Cameron in his class. Cameron’s mother saw the advertisement for the competition then she told Cameron. So Cameron entered his teacher Mr Wood in the most inspiring teacher award for 2015 to see if he could win some amazing prizes for Mr Wood; and because he believed Mr Wood was a special teacher who had helped him.

Most of the class practically helped vote for Mr Wood. Cameron showed his skill at persuasion and was always encouraging others to vote for Mr Wood and to leave  reasons why. Within the first day three quarters of our class had voted for Mr Wood.

We got near about 101 votes! It was really cool when Mr Wood told us that he had won second place. Cameron as well as the whole class was so happy when we found out. It was a proud day for Room 12 at Otonga Primary School Rotorua. Mr Wood and the school won lots of prizes and classroom stationery from The Warehouse Stationery.

Congratulations Mr Wood!

Written by:  Cameron, Lulu, Max, Cullen and Carys.

ROTORUA Daily Post

By, Stephanie Arthur-Worsop