Sunday, 23 August 2015

Wet Weather Games

Each classroom has been given money to buy wet weather games. Read Room 15's blog post about Wet Weather Games
What games should we get?

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Science Roadshow Sparks

Yesterday room 12 went to the science roadshow at Rotorua Intermediate. My favourite activity was the bed of nails, when I was lying on the bed of nails it felt like a massage on my back.  The reason the nails don’t dagger into your back is because there's so many nails that it can hold you body weight & not hurt, that’s why if you touch a nail it’s sharp.
By Connor

The nails pricked my skin as I lay on the bed of nails.It burnt like fire on my back.Filled with nerves the first time I did it , as soon as I did it my nerves eased . But the question is how come you can do it and it does not hurt? Because on nail will but a bunch won’t it spreads your weight.
By Jack

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

How to be a champion in school and in life

Yesterday we met NED and Kristy. Who taught us how to be a champion in life and school. Kristy went over to NED's house to pick him up and take him to our school. NED didn't want to come instead he went to walk his dog.

Suddenly out of nowhere came a big green spaceship then out of that came little ugly green aliens. The aliens started chasing NED.

So NED jumped on a jet and flew around the world. NED landed in Paris, France. He went up the eiffel tower and saw that there was a restaurant. He ordered his favourite thing in the whole wide world: spaghetti. NED was so hungry that he ate it instantly.

Suddenly the aliens appeared and started chasing him. The aliens caught him and took him to their spaceship. They were going to  blast him off into outer space but then NED told them that he was sorry for not going with Kristy, so the aliens blasted him to Rotorua.
By Jamie

Kirsty taught us amazing yoyo tricks such as the AWESOME Eiffel Tower, the slurping meat balls, the police star and many more wonderful tricks. Then she told us the yoyo rules, they are never swing a yoyo around other people, never play with a yoyo in a non yoyo zone.

To be a champion in life you have to: Never give up, Encourage others and, Do your best. And you might go far in life.

By Isobel

If  I had to tell someone how to be a champion I would say, "Be yourself and always try your best." 
By Cullen

If I were up there with all those kids watching me I would say: "Follow your dreams, don't let any one stop them, it's okay if your not good at something like maths you will improve over time, so don't let any one squash your dreams."
By Carys

What advice would you give someone who wants to be a champion?

Slope Science

Today we were practising being scientists by using "The Scientific Method" to test the affect angle of a slope has on distance traveled. We worked in groups and everyone showed how awesome they were at participating and relating to others: great teamwork!

What is important about following the scientific method?

Why do scientists need to be able to work well in a team?

The Mango Gorilla

Cameron, Cullen and Wati used PuppetPal to recreate a play "Too Many Mangoes" by Giselle Fortune from JJ 38. They changed the characters and altered the script to suit the new characters.

What did you enjoy about this play?