Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Making Animations

We have been learning how to make animations in Google Slides. An animation is when objects move around on the screen on their own. Any shape or text can be animated in Google Slides. We have been using our knowledge of how volcanoes erupt to create animated volcanoes. Look through our slideshow below to see some made by our class members. You must click on each slide to start the animation.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Coke Volcano

What we did: an experiment that room 12 did to see a similar reaction to a real volcano that is erupting and what it could be like.

Why we did it: to see a similar result of what a volcano would do if you were in one.

How to do the experiment: you need a 1.5 or 2 litre of coke and mint flavoured mentos. First make sure the coke bottle is secure. Then get the mentos ready so it falls into the bottle fast. When you're ready put the mentos in you will probably need 8 of the mentos out of the packet  Once you put the mentos in the bottle stand about 3 feet back.After a few seconds the coke volcano will erupt.

How it worked: when you put mentos in the coke it the makes the carbon dioxide rise
from the coke to make an explosion with a chemical reaction. The coke and gas in the bottle were like the magma in the magma chamber, and the neck of the bottle was like a volcano vent which is narrow. It exploded like a geyser.

How it was similar to a volcano: when you put mentos in the coke it's like the pressure from the volcano then the fizzy makes it erupt. The smaller the valve or vent, the bigger the explosion

We learnt what a volcano could look like when it erupts. The smaller the vent the bigger and higher the eruption.
Written by: Ella-Joe, Boston and Jack.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Room 12 Hosts the Team Assembly

Every two weeks we have a senior team assembly, each time it is run by a different class; today was our turn. Two of our leaders planned the assembly and created the guiding slideshow below. The students of Room 12 acted as good role models for the other students, and the assembly was a huge success.