Friday, 27 March 2015

Aboriginal Dot Art

In Room 12 we have been learning about Aboriginal Dot art and exploring how they paint stories about the natural world. We have done many experiments in dot art using earbuds as paintbrushes, yet recently some students research taught them that the Aboriginals used sticks to paint. They tested this in class and found them a much better "paintbrush". Soon after most of our class have converted to using sticks to paint. Here are some of our works of art in different stages of progress.

What do you think of our art?

Friday, 20 March 2015

Otonga Road School Gets a Dual Name

On Friday we had a special assembly, a Pōhiri (welcoming ceremony) in which Kaumātua Dr Keneti Kennedy. It started with the school Haka Pōhiri (welcoming haka), which was followed by Tearynce's whaikōrero (formal speech). Then the students of the school performed a waiata tautoko (supporting song) to complete the whaikōrero aspect on our side. 

Kaumātua, Koro Keneti Kennedy, responded with a whaikōrero (formal speech) and a waiata tautoko (supporting song) named 'Kāore Te Aroha'.  

Mrs Woon closed the Pōhiri by being the final speaker. She then presented Koro Keneti with a koha (gift) from our school in recognition of his research and guidance. 

Koro Keneti Kennedy shared with us the Māori history of the land our school occupies. From this, we learnt that a more accurate name for our school is 'Te Kura o Tihiotonga". To recognise the people who have lived here before us Otonga Raod School has accepted a dual name:  Otonga Road School - Te Kura o Tihiotonga.  

You can read kaumatua Ken's letter on our school website here.

Room 12 is especially proud of Tearynce lead our school in this event.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Camp Photos and Writing

Room 12, along with other classes went to camp this week. This is a collection of photographs and writing for our whanau and family.

Our Camp Photos

Our Camp Writing