Thursday, 12 November 2015

Athletics Day

I was so excited for athletics day my favourite activity is running so I could get some exercise and I also think it’s healthy for the body.  After we did the attendance form everyone went out, we put our hat on and apply sunblock to our skin so we wouldn’t have any sunburn.  Our first activity was the 200m race I was so nervous and scared that I might come last.  The teacher who was incharge for that activity separated us into 6 groups because we were a big group of 10 year old girls. Once they called my name to go on one of the lanes my heart was beating really fast and I also had butterflies in my tummy.  When I got to my lane I was excited and nervous at the same time. The teacher got the whistle and said “Ready,” I was ready to run as fast as I can “Get Set,” I got to my position “Go! Phheeeeew!” he blew the whistle. I ran and ran as fast as I can but when I saw somebody was catching up I said to myself “ I need to come first,” so I sprinted faster and when I saw the finish line I was so happy because I could see no one in front of me. I spread my arms out and put a smile on my face. “Well done you came first and you have also passed the semi finals let’s see if you get to got to interschool,” said one of the teachers and they gave me a green stick that meant I came first. I was so happy but also worn out I was so nervous because the girls who I’m gonna race next are really fast. Luckily they gave us a few minutes to race. But when the time was over to rest we got to our lanes and once the teacher blew the whistle we all zoomed off to race to the finish line. “Yes i passed the finish line’” I told myself but when I looked over my shoulder the teacher was already giving out the sticks and i wasn’t one of the people who got given. But i didn’t feel unhappy at all because I told myself that there are more races that you’ll ever experience in your whole life and maybe you might win one of them. I also thought the day is not over yet there are 2 more races that I haven’t been to. I smiled to myself and said “I will run and run as fast as I can.

By Asyannah


  1. Good on you for doing your best and not giving up. You have a terrific positive attitude.

  2. Well done on that excellent writing Asyannah I love it how you could turn and experience of yours into such an amazing bit of writing. Keep up the great work!