Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Making Animations

We have been learning how to make animations in Google Slides. An animation is when objects move around on the screen on their own. Any shape or text can be animated in Google Slides. We have been using our knowledge of how volcanoes erupt to create animated volcanoes. Look through our slideshow below to see some made by our class members. You must click on each slide to start the animation.


  1. These are awesome. You are very clever!!

  2. Wow. You guys will all be able to get jobs at Weta workshop when you grow up! Well done. Kate Yarrall

  3. Wow. Every slide and animation I saw was absolutely incredible. I have no Idea how you could do that.
    Now I want to do more blogging than ever.

  4. I am sooooooo impressed. Well done.

  5. hi Room12

    I'm really impressed that you have all done an incredible job at making a animation. I have started to make a animation myself but I used playdoh and a ipad. AMAZING JOB!

    From Charlie Room5

  6. I really liked all the different types of volcanoes and eruptions that i got to see on these slides.
    Chloe Rm15