Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Hangi: a New Zealand Maori Food


  1. That hangi looks delicious and there has been some good learning.
    Could I make one suggestion - the highlight colour and text colour is quite hard to read. I wonder if you could give us some contrast colour to make it easier to see?

  2. Hi I'm from Hawaii. We have something similar called an imu. We dig a hole in thooe ground and put a pig in it and cover it with ti leave and hot stones. Then when we dig it up, the pig is cooked and very tender and tasty. Your slides were very cool. I agree with the highlight color comment. It was hard to read.

  3. What a great post, Room 12,
    I agree with Linda and Ava that it was hard to read all that information. Maybe you could include it underneath the slideshow so it is part of the post. How often do you have hangi in New Zealand?

  4. Mr. Wood,

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    L. Rojas

  5. Hello Mr.Wood,
    I'm from California and would like to know more about the different foods there are in your country.
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  6. Hello Mr. Wood!
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  7. Hello Viewers
    Im a creator that make this blog post and I have heard it is hard to read so changed the colour to highlight blue and a white text


  8. Boston I was very impressed to see you taking advice from your readers and replying to their comments.

  9. Hi Boston!
    I am Ella from California! I really enjoyed your slides about the New Zealand Maori method of cooking food called Hangi. It was so interesting to learn about a completely different method of cooking food compared to how we cook where I live! I wanted to know if there are any other foods, besides vegetables and meat, that people in your country cook with this cool technique? I will make sure to visit your blog soon and read more of your great posts! My blog is: https://ellanissi5601.edublogs.org

  10. Hi Room 12,

    I was very impressed with your slides. I really want to try this method of cooking.


  11. Mr. Wood,

    That sounds like an interesting meal to make. I wish we could try some new cooking methods here in California to know how you guys do it. What other foods do you eat there in New Zealand?



  12. Good job Boston tearynce and Cameron. You guys did a really good
    Jod on the hangi.

  13. Good job Boston and Tearynce. I like your presentation and how you guys put a lot of info in it. Honestly I have never tried a hangi but in the future I would like to. Great work guys.

  14. Wow I like your information. Now I know what a hangi is. Thank you .